Sic Mundus

Regulations (Terms and Conditions)

1. Introduction

The following Regulations describe the rules of the Sic Mundus company, their games and Room Reservations – as well as the rights and obligations of the Sic Mundus company and the Client. 

The games are organized by Sic Mundus sp. z o.o., ul. Szlak 16A/2, 31-161 Krakow, KRS 0000965451, NIP 8982276037, REGON 521715135 (hereinafter referred to as the “Organizer”).

The game takes place in rooms (“Rooms”) in a building (“Premises”) at ul. Szlak 16A/2, 31-161 Krakow

2. General Provisions

2.1 The Customer making a reservation is obliged to read the Regulations, accept them and inform other Participants (players) about their content. Making a Reservation constitutes acceptance of the Regulations.

2.2 The Customer making a Reservation on behalf of himself and the Participants is obliged to familiarize the Participants with the content of the Regulations before making the Reservation and declares that all Participants have read the Regulations and agree to be bound by its provisions.

2.3 By making a reservation, the Customer confirms the truthfulness of the statement indicated in the point above and takes responsibility for the actions and omissions of the Participants and people he introduced to the Premises.

2.4  By making a reservation, the Customer declares that he or she has read the Organizer’s Privacy Policy and consents to the processing of personal data on the terms set out therein and for the purpose of implementing the contract concluded between the Organizer and the Customer.

2.5 While playing at the Organizer’s Premises, Participants are obliged to comply with the Regulations and the recommendations of the Organizer’s employees. Not doing so may cost the immediate termination of the provision of services by the Organizer and interruption of the Game.

3. Specific provisions and game rules

3.1 Participants (players) are requested to arrive on the exact time of their game (not in advance).

3.2 If Participants arrive too early, the Employee has the right to have them wait outside the entrance of the premises, until he is able to welcome the Participants.

3.3 If Participants arrive too late, Employees have the right to compress time of the game in the escape room by the length of the delay.

3.4 It’s strictly prohibited to smoke, drink alcohol and intoxicants in the premises.

3.5 It’s strictly prohibited to bring any liquid (water, drinks, etc) inside the gaming rooms.

3.6 People under the influence of alcohol, intoxicants or other substances affecting consciousness and state of mind may not join the game. The employees have the right to ask them to leave. In such case, the group has no right to have the admission fee refunded (if paid before) or is obliged to pay a fee on account of the profits lost by the Organizer.

3.7 Individuals suffering from claustrophobia, epilepsy, shortness of breath, heart or circulatory problems, pregnant women, individuals undergoing psychiatric treatment, and those with other conditions that could affect their participation in the game should not use the services of the Organizer. If they choose to do so, they do it at their own risk. The Organizer is not responsible for any deterioration in the participant’s health resulting from the participation of individuals with the aforementioned conditions.

3.8 During the game, it is strictly forbidden to use mobile phones, cameras, video cameras, smart watches, calculators, flashlights and other electronic devices.

3.9 It’s strictly prohibited to take photos and videos. Any attempt to break the ban will be treated as an infringement of the intellectual property of Sic Mundus sp. z o.o. and, as a result, legal action will be taken.

3.10 Mobile phones, cameras, video cameras, smart watches, calculators, flashlights and other electronic devices should be deposited in a specially designated place at the reception before and taken back after the game.

3.11 The Organizer is not responsible for damage to property and persons caused by the fault of participants and third parties.

3.12 It is forbidden to bring and use any sharp or dangerous weapons, knives, screwdrivers, etc.

4. Room Reservation

4.1 The Customer may make a Reservation using the following channels: the form available on the websites and (or on a partner site), by phone at +48 792 910 493 321 or 668 861 608.

4.2 The condition for making a Reservation and concluding a contract is that the Customer provides the following information:
a) Customer’s name and surname
b) Number of participants;
c) Name of the selected room;
d) Date and time of reservation;
e) Customer’s contact telephone number;
f) Customer’s email address

4.3 After making a reservation, the participant will receive an e-mail with reservation details.

4.4 (Art. 17 Consumer Rights Act) Free cancellation or postponement of the game is possible no later than 36 hours before the booked date (e-mail: or by phone: +48 668 869 847). Cancellation of the game less than 36 hours before the date results in the obligation of the person booking the full amount to pay.

4.5 The use of Sic Mundus sp. z o.o. services is payable according to the price list on the website and Prices on the website are gross prices.

4.6 Vouchers can be bought on the website and Every vouches is single-use and can be used within 6 months from the purchase date.

5. Game

5.1. There may be up to 5 participants in the game.

5.2 During the game, Participants are in constant contact with the Game Master.

5.3 In “The Old Toy Store” room, participants up to 15 years can play under the care of an adult or under written consent from their tutors to participate in the game.

5.4 The participants over the age of 16 are treated as adult players, so consent form is not needed.

5.5 The game is about solving logical and dexterity puzzles. The task of the players is to get out from the room in a certain time. After this time, the game is over and the players are obliged to leave the room.

5.6 The game does not involte the use of physical force to solve riddles. Damaging any item due to the use of excess of physical force allows the Organizer to request for a damage refund.

5.7 The participants will not receive a cash refund when they decide to stop the Game earlier.

5.8 Employees have the right to cease the Game:
a) if behavior of the participants infringe the principles of decency, good manners or social coexistence – despite a single warning;
b) in case of danger threatening the Participants;
c) when participants use mobile phones, cameras or other electronic devices;
d) when participants bring liquids inside the gaming rooms.
e) in case of not respecting the Regulations or Game rules by the Participants;
f) destruction or other impermissibly use of the Room or Room equipment;
g) the Participants do not adapt to instructions of the Employees;
h) suspicion that any of the participants is influenced by alcohol or drugs;
i) rude and/or aggressive behavior of the participant.

5.9. Participants are obliged to take care of objects and furniture which are part of the rooms design.

5.10. Participants takes full responsibility for any damage or destruction of the equipment and devices of the premises.

5.11. In case of risk, particliens should immediately contact with Game Master and go to the nearest emergency exit.

5.12. All Game Rooms are under surveillance (image and sound will not be available anywhere else). Recordings may be used to protect the property and safety of participants.

5.12. Players who consciously allow to make audio-visual recordings or to take photographs of them at the reception, give their consent to use and spread the above mentioned filmed or photographed material in social media by the Organizer free of charge.

5.13. The Organizer is not responsible for any damage caused to property or a person due to the fault of participants.
19.Participants commit not to inhibit or disturb other people in the game.
20. In matters not regulated in these regulations, the provisions of the Civil Code shall apply accordingly.

5. Personal Data

1. The Participant’s personal data is collected and processed by the Organizer according to law.
2. The Person who booked a Room agrees to the processing of personal data. The data is provided during the booking process. Consent is the basis for the processing of personal data according to the law. Personal data is processed in the course of service delivery and participant’s contact with customer support.
3. Statements regarding personal data may be revoked by the participant at any time, with effect for the future, by sending information to e-mail address or by writing on Sic Mundus sp. z o.o. address.
4. Provisions regarding rules for processing of personal data and the use of cookies can be found in the privacy policy.
5. The administrator of and websites is Sic Mundus sp. z o.o. Contact with administrator is possible by e-mail address:
6. Personal data will be used for purposes related to the booking and proper performance of the service. The participant agrees to the processing and use of his personal data in the above scope. Personal data is not facilitated to third parties.

6. Complaints

6.1 Complaints regarding the services provided – whether regarding the reservation, purchase of a voucher or the quality of the services provided – can be submitted to the e-mail address within 14 days from the date of purchase, the day of the service or the day on which the service was to be provided. The Organizer will consider the complaint immediately, no longer than 14 calendar days.


7.1 The regulations and conditions of the Reservation are subject to Polish law.

7.2 The Parties agree that any disputes arising between them in connection with the implementation of the Service Agreement or resulting from damage to persons or property will be resolved by the court having jurisdiction over the seat of Sic Mundus sp. z o. o. based in Krakow.

7.3 To the extent not regulated in these regulations, the provisions of the Civil Code, the Act on the provision of electronic services, the Act on consumer rights, and the GDPR shall apply.